Nearing the Finish Line

In the first few weeks it was a trailer and wheels, nothing more. Soon after in was hulking frame–for what, no passerby could know. At times it resembled a house, at others a cage. But now, now that the GrOwING GREEN project build team is in the final stretch, every person that walks by the workshop is able to set there eyes on the green behemoth and say, “That’s a greenhouse on wheels!”

This week, beginning April 25, marks the final week of standard classes. Next week is finals week, and for the GrOwING GREEN team it is crunch time. This week the smaller, actuator powered windows went in along the top of the frame, making the greenhouse interior a contained space once and for all. With that accomplished, they began applying the finishing touches; testing actuators, prepping interior lighting, even applying a slick new coat of varnish to the exterior wood elements.

There is no denying that the team’s efforts have resulted in a mobile greenhouse–first of its kind. But is it a good greenhouse? Does everything work? Is everything square? Is it functional and pleasing to the eye. These are the questions on everyone’s minds, and without a doubt the primary focus of the team as they prepare for their final week of building.

With so much prerequisite work being finished this week, the team can finally put time into design elements that were previously on hold–primarily electric. Compared to other structures, the mobile greenhouse requires very little electricity, but given that climate control is crucial to its purpose, the few electrical elements it does contain are of paramount importance. Overhead lights, air-conditioning, external fans, internal fans–all are installed and awaiting wiring.

Like Frankenstein’s monster awaiting the pull of the switch, this great green beast lies dormant–a switch away from coming to life.

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