Everything’s a Window

The last three studio sessions leading up to today, April 20th, have consisted of making the greenhouse functional. In a project of this magnitude, progress happens in levels. There are days where progress is preparatory–setting the stage for the next phase of production–like when the trailer was finished. Sometimes the progress is aesthetic–visually moving the design forward–like when the door went in, or when the frame was painted. The progress recently has been  making the greenhouse function as a greenhouse should.

The air-conditioning and ventilation elements were installed–as well as the windows–all with the intent of regulating interior temperature, perhaps the most crucial part of a greenhouse. The air-conditioner, when coupled with the heat of the sun through the poly-carbonate panels, will allow CUE Farms to adjust the humidity levels at will, lowering the likelihood of young plants dying. The heat-activated actuators on the windows will also allow for proper ventilation and air-flow.

Also, as mentioned above, the door was finished and installed, complete with an acrylic nameplate, bearing both the CUE Farms and Ball State CAP logos. The door looks slick and works smoothly–impressive for something built from scratch. But then again, hasn’t the whole project been from scratch? Building is building. Progress is progress. But starting from scratch, and finishing on target, comes with an extra sense of accomplishment. Whether building a door, or an unprecedented greenhouse, there are no guarantees–just hard work and diligent persistence.


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