An End in Sight

Wednesday, April 13th was one of the most productive days of the semester for the GrOwING GREEN project build team. The team’s modus operandi has been multi-day jobs. You do the prep work, you begin installation and, hopefully, the job gets finished within the week. Today there was plenty of that, but also a building project rarity—a single day completion. The team managed to install the roofing elements in one fell swoop. No more, tarps, no more rain concerns; the greenhouse has become a self-contained shelter. Opal-tinted poly-carbonate panels were secured to their aluminum channels and one-by-one, squared and screwed into place.

But the progress didn’t stop there. The workbench was finished in more ways than one. Not only was it finished, as in completed, making it a fully functioning workbench, but it was finished literally, being given a coat of lacquer.

The prep work for the newly acquired air-conditioning unit was done, in addition to the final pieces of poly-carbonate skin being placed and secured. Now that the outer-skin is complete, the window units that the team have been diligently fabricating are ready to be installed on Friday.

To put a cap on the day, the somewhat experimental ramp for the entryway to the greenhouse was put in place and tested for the first time. There’s a certain thrill that comes when something works the way it was imagined—even more so when the device in question was only a theory days prior.

A few more days like this and the build team will be entering the home stretch. There are plenty of smaller elements still to come, but with today’s progress the finish line is well within reach.

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