Rained In

Over the last three shop sessions, the GrOwING GREEN project build team has made significant strides despite having being rained on 75 percent of the time. Somewhat ironically, rain can be serious set-back when trying to construct a mobile greenhouse outdoors. The team of course has no problem getting wet–the saws, drills and torches however, don’t work quite as well in the elements.

Bad weather be damned, the team can now add “installed poly-carbonate skin” to the growing litany of accomplishments over the last seven days. The application of the poly-carb skin is the most visually constructive progress the team has seen since the greenhouse frame was powder-coated last month. But that doesn’t mean the skin is purely aesthetic. Not only is it one of the most crucial elements in making the greenhouse function as it should, but it is the culmination of many smaller efforts being completed properly.

The greenhouse’s outer-most layer wasn’t the only aesthetic progress made over these rain-soaked days. The door (that was cut and glued last week) is now undergoing final touches–including laser-cut acrylic panels bearing the CUE Farms insignia.

On the more practical end of things, the work-bench elements have been installed and are awaiting completion–likely when the rain stops. And work has begun on the ramp for the greenhouse’s primary entry way. The ramp, when complete, will fold-up, not unlike an accordion, to allow for easy access to the greenhouse interior, without compromising space or functionality.

Once again the GrOwING GREEN project build team has powered through obstacles and come out ahead of the elements, starting off the week with something that looks more like a mobile greenhouse than ever before.



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