A Carpentry Kind of Day

Sometimes days in the shop take on theme. Some days are all about metal. Cutting, welding, flying sparks. Some days are outside–all hands on deck, making physical additions to the greenhouse. Today, April 1st, was a wood day. Aside from the pair working on steel window frames, every member of the GrOwING GREEN team became a carpenter for the day.

Efforts began on the workbench for the work space end of the greenhouse. This turned the workshop into a sea of sawdust and shavings as the team cut and sanded the wooden interior elements.

In addition to the woodworking necessary for the workbench, the team began assembling the primary greenhouse door. Individual pieces of wood were cut and meticulously detailed to allow the tongue-and-groove sections to be snapped together and glued.

The work on the door poured over into the classroom today as the team attempted to clamp and glue the door together. After rearranging some tables and almost knocking a computer or two off a desk, the door came together and will now have the whole weekend to dry.

They say carpentry is one of the oldest professions in the world–and it is easy to see why. The greenhouse design is a monumental collaboration of students, staff, universities and providers, with cutting edge equipment and design programs at their disposal–yet nothing would ever get accomplished without old-fashioned, elbow-grease carpentry.

On a side note. Program director Tim Gray managed to pull of an incredible April Fools joke on the team (with the help of a couple clever budgeteers.) Suffice it to say, that for the first time this semester, the GrOwING GREEN build team though they might not finish.

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  1. Sounds like a great environment to learn “hands on”.
    Would have loved to have been involved in something like this when I was learning.
    Good luck to you all!


  2. Nice article.

    Jamal Rashid
    Carpentry Company In UAE


  3. One of good woodwork ideas. Great article!
    Manager at



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