Doubling Down

Wednesday, March 30th was about replication. The GrOwING GREEN team’s labors from Monday and the previous week aren’t being finished, or honed–but rather, copied.

Last week the team successfully fitted, framed and installed the first ventilation fan. Today, that process was repeated–in half the time–for the second fan unit. The wall framing that was installed around the greenhouse work space last week and Monday, is now being repeated on the entrance side of the frame, making room for the yet-to-be-chosen primary door.

Also in the spirit of replication, the team made some on the fly adjustments to the (already unprecedented) design and found room for more shelves; six in total. Luckily the team was proactive and had extra shelves ready to go. Six extra shelves means nearly 20% more surface space for CUE farms to maintain plants and starts. This means more green in the greenhouse, and ultimately broadens the scope of what the finished product will be able to bring to the (dinner) table.

On an additional note, the new window actuators arrived, and they are stroke of genius. Heat activated, and fully self-operating, the actuators react to rising temperatures in the greenhouse interior by opening the windows and allowing for ventilation. In such a hands-on project, for such a hands-on purpose, it’s refreshing to see something work by itself.


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