A Glimpse Forward

On Monday, March 28th, the GrOwING GREEN project build team got their first look at the shelving units up and on display in the greenhouse interior. Perfectly squared, measured and functional, the finished shelves gave the team an opportunity to see just what the finished interior will look–and it looks good.

The wood framing is coming along this week as well, which is starting to give the project a nearing-completion veneer. Once the windows go in–the frames of which were assembled today–the project will look less like the skeleton of a green transformer, and more like a vital piece of urban farming equipment. Add a door–which is coming soon–and even campus passersby will have to stop and say, “Look, it’s a greenhouse on wheels.”

As the project moves along the work gets smaller and smaller. Days that were spent welding enormous trusses are now spent fabricating the smaller, more intricate elements of the design. But with little steps come the big payoffs. Like seeing the interior function as it is meant to function–or perhaps, with due diligence, the greenhouse on the road, on its way to CUE Farms.

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