Purpose, Progress and Pizza

Wednesday, March 23rd, was a day of major milestones and minor comforts. The team began the day with their work cut out  for  them. Stacks of steel grate needed to be cut, ground, placed and drilled into the greenhouse floor. Wall elements needed to be mounted and secured, in addition to the assembly and placement of the greenhouse’s first ventilation fan.

But, as always, come the end of the work day, the GrOwING GREEN project build team came out, on time, in control and under budget. Maybe it was the mild weather, maybe it was the eager eyes of visiting students and staff, or perhaps, it was the midday pizza luncheon, but something kept the team focused and on the same page.

There was no greater example of the build team’s camaraderie than watching the team attach the aluminum cut sign to the greenhouse’s outer frame. Most of the team’s work pays off in increments–a section here, a piece there. But in the shiny, fresh cut, GrOwING GREEN sign, the team has a very tangible, very complete expression of their collective efforts. It felt good seeing it go up.

Now, multiply that feeling a hundred-fold and I’d imagine that’s what finishing will feel like.




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