A Week in Review (6)

GrOwING GREEN will soon be glowing green…or at least that’s how Tim put it.

After two months of planning, assembling and constructing the greenhouse frame is finally complete and ready for a paint job. The team met earlier in the semester to decide on a color scheme for the finished project and decided to go with green–and what else  could they do? It is a green house, the project is Growing Green, and as a tool for CUE’s urban farming efforts, it is part of a larger green initiative. Some say the lowest hanging fruit is the ripest, and when it comes to color schemes for greenhouses, that is certainly so.

The team finished building the steel frame right on time–the Friday before spring break. While the build team takes a well needed reprieve from the workshop, the frame will be powder-coated and prepared for the next  phase of building.

Just because it is beginning to look like a greenhouse doesn’t mean easy street from here on for the build team. Now begins the interior portion of construction–a lot of smaller, more intricate elements. As project director Tim Gray puts it, “It is the small things that get tricky,” and there plenty of small things to come.

The team has one week to relax and then its back to the grind (literally). But with rest and new paint, should come a renewed sense of purpose, and the diligence to see it through.

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