A Week in Review (4)

The project reached some huge milestones this week. With the trailer’s arrival on Ball State’s campus, production kicked into gear. Reality set in of the massive amount of work that needed to be done.

On Tuesday morning, the last shelf was fabricated and welded- completing 27 shelving units in total. The heating and rounding of the supporting, steel, shelving rods began.

Outside on the trailer, the decking team cut, laid out, and installed the entirety of Trex decking onto the trailer bed in two work days. With the initial flooring layer down, the structure could then be attached.

The truss team worked vigorously to construct the first bay, which consists of three trusses. After connecting these structural pieces, the whole studio then transported the bay to the trailer. Sliding flawlessly onto the trailer’s anchor bolts, the team cheered with elation. It fit! Months of arduous design work and fabrication all paid off in a single moment. Ideas and concepts, drawings and details had sprung to life.

 The accomplishments of the week have propelled students. Spirits are at an all time high. The crew is eager and motivated to continue production and to see the greenhouse come together within the next few weeks.

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